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feeling a lot of this today.

(art therapy through making favourite characters suffer?)


"Du", säger Lennart. "Vad är det med dig egentligen?"

Nu tittar Molly på honom och ler så stort att hela hennes ansikte inte är annat än ett leende. “Hur ska jag kunna veta det? Vad är det med dig?

(someone should make me stop taking so many breaks from reading books to draw the characters. but it’s hard to resist when the mental images are so strong, which happens very rarely. didn’t manage to make her look creepy enough but what can you do really?)

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my headache didn’t allow me to keep reading Himmelstrand, so I drew one of the characters instead. Here’s Molly faking innocence!

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I wanted to draw some more and I wasn’t sure what to draw, but I ended up glancing at the mirror and thought I’d attempt to draw myself. In hindsight it was a pretty horrible position, because by the time I finished I was aching everywhere.

a quick update. I mostly just drew my versions of some of the wonderful rubyetc's creatures, because I've been wanting to draw but couldn't get myself to start. but I did and I'm pretty pleased with myself.

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And here’s Minoo Falk Karimi. Or at least, an attempt at one of my many mental images of her. 

I meant to draw Adriana Lopez of the Engelsfors trilogy, but I ended up with something looking a lot more like Tatiana Maslany…

Just to be clear I can confirm that Tatiana Maslany is notplaying Adriana Lopez in the upcoming Circle movie. (and even if I was trying to draw Adriana like her actress you’d never be able to guess, good grief.)


I don’t think anyone’s been able to miss that I’ve been re-reading the Engelsfors books as well as being overly excited about the casting of the Circle film after I was at the filming location and really, it was inevitable that art would come out of this situation and here it is.

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I did a rewatch of The Avengers and ended up drawing these faces. Turns out it’s very difficult to draw Scarlet’s face. Also curly hair.

I was planning on doing more but I got exhausted (and also these took about half the film).