And here’s Minoo Falk Karimi. Or at least, an attempt at one of my many mental images of her. 

I meant to draw Adriana Lopez of the Engelsfors trilogy, but I ended up with something looking a lot more like Tatiana Maslany…

Just to be clear I can confirm that Tatiana Maslany is notplaying Adriana Lopez in the upcoming Circle movie. (and even if I was trying to draw Adriana like her actress you’d never be able to guess, good grief.)


I don’t think anyone’s been able to miss that I’ve been re-reading the Engelsfors books as well as being overly excited about the casting of the Circle film after I was at the filming location and really, it was inevitable that art would come out of this situation and here it is.

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I did a rewatch of The Avengers and ended up drawing these faces. Turns out it’s very difficult to draw Scarlet’s face. Also curly hair.

I was planning on doing more but I got exhausted (and also these took about half the film).

celebrating the small victories today. and then a lil copycat bird joined in.

some badger studies in preparation for making a badger stuffie.

Somehow came across Adobe Ideas in the App Store and this just happened from a bunch of squiggly lines. I’m posting this as a lil notice that my brain has been the worst and art has seemed too hard. But maybe there’ll be some digital art in the future?

After showering I noticed that it almost looks like I have a proper haircut and not just like the awkward-growing-your-hair-out phase. I swear I don’t normally look this mad/serious/out-of-a-mugshot.

Not really having the best of days…

I used a screencap from Teen Wolf as reference, but I can’t say I see a lot of Lydia here but it turned out okay anyway. A bit disappointed with the way the shading turned out but oh well…